Have you ever been walking down the street and noticed an abundance of large white trailers straddling every corner? You continued on and spotted some white canvas, a crane, and of course, a crowd of onlookers? Chances are you were in the presence of a film set. It's an even better chance if you live in California, a state where filming locations are abundant. But no matter where you live, anything you are surrounded by on a daily basis can serve as a film location, and probably has. The diner you eat breakfast at. The gas station you use. Even your house!

At In The Zone Locations, we offer a vast inventory of homes in Los Angeles and surrounding areas for the film, TV and print industry. From ocean front mansions in Malibu to the mansions of Beverly Hills, Hancock Park and Pasadena right down to the Valley’s everyday type homes of all styles, we have it all. If you would like to give your home the opportunity to shine before an audience of millions, please contact us. If you already have digital photos of your house, send them our way. Please send by email pictures of the front of the house and of each main room (i.e. – kitchen, living room, den, master bedroom, bath and the backyard). We will then submit your home to our online gallery for hundreds of Location Managers to view. We will contact you when interest is expressed. Fees will be discussed at that time and you are under no obligation to move forward with the rental until a contract is signed. There is no charge for our services.

Our service to the homeowner is to negotiate the best fee possible for you, guarantee the production companies are insured and reputable, and supervise the use of your home during the shoot. We will assign a representative to your home during production that will ensure it is left in the same condition as it was before the company arrived. Filming in your home can be fun and profitable and we can make sure it all runs smoothly for you.

Tax Free Income!

In the 1930's, the city of LA created a tax loop hole designed to encourage homeowners to rent their homes to tourists visiting the city for the Olympics. The loophole allows 14 days of tax-free rental of your home. This loophole has been extended to the film industry and has become a lucrative and attractive source of income for homeowners.